Colour Mural Artwork

7. Colour mural artwork.

Here’s the colour artwork of the mural. I chose a bright selection of colours requested by the pupils and hopefully enough colours for each of the pupils to have their own to paint. I think the design is simple enough for the pupils to paint yet enough detail to get across all the points and elements that were required.

The lines on the artwork marks out where all the individual boards meet up with each other. I’ll supply the artwork split up into the individual sections so they can be projected and traced onto each piece of wood.

I matched the colours on the design using a really cool app on my iPhone. You take a photo of the colour and the app suggests different colours available in the paint you’re going to use for the mural. This makes it really easy to match the colours on my computer with the colours available in the shop. A very smart and modern way to pick the colours!



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