Mural Process

6. Mural process

The way we’re going to make this mural is quite different for me and I think a really interesting way to produce it.

I am based in London so the whole mural is being designed in collaboration with the pupils through meeting and talking with them on skype and through a dialogue on this blog. I won’t actually meet the pupils in person until the day the mural is painted then uncovered so that’s something that I’m looking forward to.

1. The first stage is talking with the pupils on Skype from my art studio in East London about their ideas of what the mural should contain around the theme of World War One. I gathered together the ideas and used them to make 2 rough pencil drawings of the mural ideas along with collecting reference images from Google to look at and get inspired by, along with the pupil’s ideas.

2. I’ve created 2 pencil sketches on paper, that I’ve scanned in and added to this blog which is shared with the pupils and they’ve chosen the second image.

3. Following on from the feedback from the class, the next stage for me is to work up the second preferred pencil drawnimage and make some changes that were suggested by the pupils. Also I’ll be working to the dimensions that I’ve been given that the wooden panels will add up to.

4. The next stage from there will be producing the final colour artwork to the size it needs to be then chopping the image up to the size of each of the individual panels.

5. The pupils will then project the black and white outline artwork that I’ll supply so that the image joins up neatly and flows together as one piece.

Then the pupils will paint the mural onto the boards, using the lines projected and traced onto the boards to get the final, colour mural.

The panels will then be varnished and fixed onto the shipping container, not forgetting to paint the vertical bars on the shipping containers that will be the flag poles for the 2 flags in the mural.




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