First mural brief


Really excited about this mural project and looking forward to getting started with pencil and paper!

The mural will be on the shipping container that houses the school’s bicycles and will be painted on wooden panels that will be attached to the container.

Here’s the notes I made from the pupil’s great ideas on our Skype talk last wednesday the 21st of May.

WW1 mural ideas-

Colourful pictures. first world war. Medals for bravery, heroes and honour. Red poppies. Colours in the background behind the soldiers. A boat on the soldier’s helmet. A soldier with medals on his uniform. Hard biscuits and foot powder. Welsh writing on the hard biscuits. Food rations. Soldiers teddy bear. Nurses. Animals- dove, rat, dog and warhorses. Clebrate the positives of the war. A happy image- easy to paint. Background patterns. Flags. Battleships. Dates of WW1. Badges on uniforms and hats. Letters from soldiers. Destroyed buildings. Memorials of remembrance. Soldiers coming home. Life in the trenches. Tench beds. Wreaths.

Here’s a scan of the notes that I wrote down to see how many great ideas the class had. Also I’ve made some really quick drawings to start off and for you to have a look at.

mural brief 1


WW1 sketch 1


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